Commissioned Ceramic Art

Custom pieces are an opportunity to collaborate on ideas and preferences to make the piece we both envision.

Most pieces are slab built from mid-range porcelain, and all surface drawing and painting is hand-drawn with stains and glazes. Examples of past and current custom work include:

  • tiles (individual or multiples/series)
    with custom imagery for walls and panels
  • urns for people and pets
  • tribute vases/vessels for individuals or organizations
    with custom shape and imagery
  • wall plates/plaques for anniversaries,
    commemorative occasions,
    baby’s room
  • "Your work reflects an honest and direct appreciation of nature (you capture the shapes of plants and animals that makes them both important and endearing--without sentimentality or triteness). The works we have in our home give us so much pleasure."

  • "Thanks again for all...talent, packing skills, and warm hospitality! Already hung on wall; grouping looks fabulous! Ended up rearranging the furniture to accommodate the Laurie Shaman wall!"

  • "I received the plate and it is beautiful! You are so talented! It goes so well with the other two pieces, and we plan to hang it tonight."

  • "My friend was so delighted with the mug. She had broken her long-time favorite coffee cup...and she immediately declared this one its successor as the favorite vessel of comforting caffeine."

  • "I LOVE the tile--send it quickly!  Can't tell you how much I love your work.  Thanks so much for your attentiveness to my wishes."

Have something special in mind? Your inquiries about custom sizes, shapes, imagery, and palette are welcome.

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