Public Art

Ceramic tile murals or a series of individual tiles, plaques, or plates can be produced for schools, libraries, nature centers, health centers or other public buildings and spaces.

Creating Public Art

I work on design concepts and image ideas for public art projects by looking into themes that a specific site evokes. Image ideas spring from the site itself, the architecture, the surroundings and research into the geographic and cultural heritage, history, nature/environment, organizational mission, populations served–and any other characteristics that make the artwork relevant for a present day audience and future generations. Final compositions combine both personal research and input from people involved in the project such as community contacts and project architects.

As with my individual pieces, large-scale projects such as mural panels, are produced in my studio where tile can be handmade and cut for unusual shapes, and all drawing and painting is unique. I oversee every aspect of the project, and partner with professional carpenters, fabricators and installers to ensure high quality craftsmanship and durability.

Recently Installed

In 2009, “In the Swim,” a six-panel ceramic tile series (shown above) was created and installed in the Hayes Park Natatorium and Fieldhouse in the Ashburn-Wrightwood neighborhood of Chicago. The commission was awarded by the Percent for Art, Chicago Public Art Program.

“In the Swim,” is constructed of hand-made and hand-painted ceramic tiles, The panels were set in fabricated frames made from 16 gauge rolled steel and powder coated with custom colors. Permanently mounted.