Snout Book Debut

Toe in the Water is the story of a Snout (a gentle animal-like creature) who begins a journey to make it’s way in the world.  It encounters an obstacle—its first test of courage—in the form of a small pond, populated by various woodland and pond inhabitants.

Upon sensing the Snout’s reluctance to join them in the pleasures and nourishment of pond life, this small group of friends rallies together to provide the encouragement and inspiration for the Snout to “test the waters”: first with its toe, then with it’s whole being.

This small, yet significant step for the Snout instills the courage and confidence to seek and experience future adventures farther afield.

Snout Ceramic Set – commissions welcome
Toe in the Water, A Snout's Tale - written and illustrated by Laurie Shaman
“Toe in the Water, A Snout’s Tale,” 36 pages, written and illustrated by Laurie Shaman, © 2016.

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